• Ling Chiu

Testing my skills @ SA Culinary Club

It has been a while since I blogged, but in all honesty - I was in a confused state of mind. The online world an infinite place with so many opportunities to communicate in all forms of media; thus my state of being overwhelmed, paralyzed me. This is maybe the worst excuse to stop what inspires me. Recently I have also changed jobs and that has taken up a lot of my energy and time to adjust, but 3 months has passed and I am now awake to continue my conversation with you!

Joburg does not necessarily provide a lot of activities for after dark that is my opinion on how I enjoy living my life, most nights consist of catching up with loved ones and eating out; but I actually prefer to eat my own cooking if possible rather than dining out. Does anyone in Joburg feel the same as I do or am I just crazy? Two weeks ago, I spontaneously singed up myself and my dear sister Thapelo for a cooking class. None other than a classic French cuisine cooking class and to top it off, we were to make lamb! #nom

SA Culinary Club is a professional kitchen venue to gather people who have a passion for food, whether one is a beginner or an expert, the objective is to cook, laugh and have fun. The dinner classes are run by professional chefs who share immense passion with the students, which provides a positive and encouraging atmosphere for all.

You are not required to bring anything, but your enthusiasm to experiment and social with new people. The Club provides you with an apron and all the ingredients you require to execute your masterpiece, not to mention, all rationed out already! The class is designed for cooking in pairs, due to the pace and amount of cooking required for a 2-course meal over a period of 2 ½ hours; which is a perfect opportunity to spend quality time with a friend or partner with much laughter.

French food has somewhat always intimidated me, as the cuisine has always been associated with fine dining, which further translates to complex elegance and flair processes; see where I am coming from? So, we embarked our evening by making cheese souffle and rack of lamb encrusted with herbs and parmesan served with pomme puree, caramalised carrots and asparagus. Souffle and rack of lamb are dishes I have never ever dreamed to make, but the experience was easier than I expected; largely also due to pairing with my amazing friend who collaborated with me. The cooking was adventurous, but enjoying your culinary skills provides a true sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Recipes to follow!

The experience with SA Culinary School has been a wonderful experience with professional chefs sharing their best kitchen tips; true bonus to the evening. I highly recommend these classes if you are looking to do something different, or maybe like me, you turned 30 and thinking of doing something grown up! I don’t believe I am old, but it is definitely a time where one starts to find oneself wanting to explore other worlds with an open mind. My belief is that food is the gateway to other cultures , and the soul, without evening leaving the comfort of your own home. SA Culinary Club is the perfect place to learn that exactly, as they offer and host different cuisines. Follow their Facebook page or sign-up for their newsletter to keep abreast with the latest events!

A perfect evening of wine, cooking and having a fabulous dinner with good company. What else could one ask for? Bon Apetit!

Apologies to my not-so-good images, I was having too much fun on the evening :p

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